30 Dec 2012

Stray Cat Strut 7" single

Yep, time for the third ( well, at least in most parts of the world ) SC single. Here we go....

UK     Scat 3

UK release with first pressing paper "pin-up" label and second pressing silver injected plastic label. Drink That Bottle Down as b-side track, most common version.

Germany   103183 manufactured and distributed by Ariola Eurodisc.
German release had similar sleeve to UK one.

France    103229      manufactured and distributed by Arabella Eurodisc.
Blue-tinted injected plastic label, sleeve similar to UK one.

Australia    K-8321   manufactured and distributed by Festival Records Pty.
Released in Australia without picture sleeve.

New Zealand    ATA 727  manufactured and distributed by Emi records New Zealand.
New Zealand also released this without picture sleeve.

Ireland    Scat 3
Irish pressing without picture sleeve.

South Africa    AAJ1148
This was released in South Africa as late as 1983 with You Don´t Believe Me as b-side. Not sure about pressing company, possibly RPM Pty.

Scandinavia    Scat 13  manufactured and distributed by CBS Records
This single was pressed in Holland by CBS. It was made for Scandinavian market ( Norway, Sweden, Denmark ).Sleeve similar to UK version.

Canada   B-8122    EMI America
Canadian version by EMI of Canada, without picture sleeve. You Don´t Believe Me as b-side track.

USA      B-8122    EMI America

USA release with stunning picture sleeve. Backside has similar picture. You Don´t Believe Me as b-side track.

USA     P-B-8122  Promo
US  double-sided promo, without picture sleeve.

Japan     7RS-69   manufactured and distributed by Nippon Phonogram company.

Absolutely superb picture sleeve with lyrics and Japanese text on backside. Cross That Bridge as b-side track. White label promo also exists, but not yet in my collection. Soon....

Holland   103183

Holland had really simple but yet one of the most beautiful sleeves ever. There is no any mention of manufacturer but Ariola Eurodisc is very good option. And now, let´s add some color to this often so black and white life .....

Yellow, dark green, lime, dark blue and red vinyls. I have no slightest idea  of how many different colors this single was pressed on. And I don´t know was this made on purpose or was it just pure coincidence, using what ever plastic was available for pressing. If anyone, anywhere, knows something.. Please contact me.

Yeeeess, that´s all. With this post I consider this anthem of all stray cats and kittens done. I am not aware of any additional releases of this single. If someone is, again, please contact me !

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